You’re book-ed!


Malaysian bestseller book ‘Coming Through My Eyes’ is now available as e-book download:

Chris BookDistributed by MPH Distributors Sdn Bhd and published by A2 Communications, Chris’ first book was released on October 2010 and is available at all leading bookstores throughout the country.

The book depicts a Malaysian’s perspective about things taking place around us, including our behaviour, way of life, the nation’s progress, as well as the good and bad parts of being a Malaysian.

Reflecting on what we have gone through over the last 53 years and what a ‘Dream Malaysia’ could be like, the book is written in a humorous and light-hearted style.

“A very well written book to open up our eyes to the charming as well as the unpleasant Malaysian way of life.” – Blind man walking towards open manhole.

Excerpts from the book:

… “We have 28 million people and if you walk around town, seemingly 25 million of that total comprises Indonesians with PR cards, wouldn’t it make practical sense to have a national anthem that comes from both countries?”

… “First it was the grand plan of vision school; next came the smart school; then it was cluster school. But now, looking at the behaviour of our youths, it appears as if there’s no school whatsoever!”

… “In goal was the six foot nine Punjabi former security officer from Taiping. His defenders comprised of an imposing Iban, a relentlessly furious Penan, and two lanky Indians. All their decades of combined experiences in defending their community rights came in handy.

Malaysian bestseller book ‘Coming Through My Eyes’ is now available as e-book download:



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