59 seconds with… Jovita Lo

Jovita Lo
Jovita Lo

Jovita Lo
Chief Planner
Jovita Lo Weddings

Her website declared: “We know the expected and the unexpected… we can tell you if you are getting the right value for your money.” Wonder if she was referring to the event or about the bride or bridegroom?

Ever-enterprising, Lo started Jovita Lo Weddings in 2004 after having went through the ordeals of planning her own wedding occasion. “It was stressful,” she declared.

What services do you offer?

“We provide wedding planning services; our team helps couples to plan, coordinate and execute their wedding preparations and the wedding day itself with pinpoint precision.

“We strive to make every wedding event an enjoyable and memorable occasion for the couple, their family and the guests attending the celebrations. Our strength is our attention to detail, being focus on each client and having established strong vendor relationships.”

What brings tears to a wedding planner?

“Wedding planners like me often have to help the couple out as they often become overwhelmed with all the details and specifics of individual tasks involved in each wedding event.

“We need to have plenty of patience, be attentive to customers’ demands and be prepared to pick up a situation and help out. We have to flexible in making crucial decisions on the spot, especially on the day of the event.

Why do you continue to do what you are doing?

“Anytime the bride and groom come up to me to show their appreciation after a wedding event, it makes me feel proud that I was part of their big day and that I have contributed towards its success.

“It is a great thing to become a part of peoples most cherished memories and that I did my best to ensure that the wedding day would become the foundation for an amazing future ahead for them.

“But most of all, I simply love and remain absolutely passionate of my job!”

For the perfect wedding, read more about Jovita Lo at www.jovitalo.com


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