59 seconds with… Karen-Michaela Tan

Karen-Michaela Tan
Karen-Michaela Tan

Karen-Michaela Tan
Director of Editorial Services
Write Pix Unlimited

Established in 2008, Write Pix Unlimited is the story of a writer and a photographer working together from the bedroom to the boardroom. Offering writing and photography services over a broad spectrum of genres, the company is an expansion of Tan’s original sole proprietorship writing services business.

What inspired you to start the business?

“Many companies – both large and small – as well as small business start-ups have editorial needs that they do not know how to meet. Large companies, such as banks and insurance agencies want to have an internal newsletter but do not necessarily want to hire a writer on their permanent payroll as that person’s hiring may not be able to be justified if they only produce one newsletter every other month.

“On the other hand, SMEs often fail to attract the proper calibre of writing talent, as they may be seen as being too small to offer growth prospects. Also, their budgets may be limited and they may not see the need to have a permanent writer on their payroll, even though there is a need to write text for their promotional brochures and A&P material.

“So we step in and provide contract editorial and photography services. We suggest pagination, items to feature, and once approved, we write and take the necessary photographs, lay it out and turn over the final artwork to the client to print as most have printers they usually use.

“We offer short and long-term consultancy services, either on a project basis or a month to month basis, which give them access to professional writing services that they need not keep on their payroll indefinitely.”

What have been some of the challenges along the way?

“Trying to make people understand our area of business. We are not an advertising agency; we do not buy media space, nor do we have in-house creative directors, but we can execute all the below the line stuff a small client needs.

“We are not a PR firm; we do not have a media list and we do not invite media, but we write the press releases and upkeep client websites. We write. We take great photos. Along the way we make clients sound really great, and help them define their brand voice and image.”

What are your proudest achievements to date?

Early on in my career as a writer, I wrote Mercy Malaysia’s book on their response to the Asian tsunami.

Two years ago, I was contacted by some members of Mercy who had gone on to Khazanah Nasional, the government’s investment arm. They wanted a book written and were generous enough to tell me that they considered no other writer, as my approach to writing was exactly what they wanted on a book they were commissioning.

This book, Sandpipers & Mudskippers, is a travelogue/guide and story of the wetlands of the Iskandar region in Johor. Write Pix Unlimited wrote, photographed and designed the book.

“We went from a simple knowing of mangroves, to becoming great admirers and champions of these fascinating eco-systems. This book has travelled all over the world as part of Khazanah’s presentation material for international wetland congresses.”

What’s in store for 2014?

“Hopefully our writing services will help uplift the standards of editorial offerings in a certain English daily. Our work will also be seen and read at Sunway Medical Centre where we have written a series of informative, yet not too medically technical outreach material on certain procedures offered by the hospital.

“We take a great interest in Malaysian entrepreneurship and are happy to extend our services to new businesses that need business papers or proposals written up. “

Let Karen-Michaela Tan find the “write” words for you at www.facebook.com/WritePixUnlimited


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