59 seconds with… Raymond Chou

Raymond Chou
Raymond Chou

Raymond Chou
Regional Managing Principal Consultant
Redynamics Asia

Having finally realised that he can’t change the world for the better with his under-appreciated sporting abilities, Chou has turn to his IT talents and training skills to at least make it an easier place for us to live and work in.

How different is Redynamics Asia?

“Having established the business in 2002, we are today a focused IT consulting company offering services related to the designing, implementing and training in areas of systems management, virtualisation and cloud.

“We are one of the few pure-play experts in our field, and we currently service clients from all across South East Asia via our dedicated offices in Malaysia, Singapore and Sri Lanka.”

How did you get bitten by the entrepreneurship bug?

When I was an employee in companies I used to work for, I was very passionate in doing everything and undertaking anything I can to improve the organisations’ IT infrastructure. Most of these projects were done within a year.

“After which, things became very operational and less challenging for me. In a way, I quickly became bored of my tasks. I needed to be in an environment where I could continuously challenge myself, and continuously work to try and help different companies and people improve their operations.

“So I started out working as a freelancer on my own. By being my own boss, it provided me with the ability to make decisions towards helping others. This was vital kick-in-the-butt that I needed.”

What were some of the roadblocks along the way?

“Time and money. No matter how much anyone tells you to start small and to slowly evolve the business, there is also a dilemma of whether or not what you want to achieve can be done in your preset time.

“We started out small but had big dreams. To achieve those dreams, we needed money… which we did not have at that time. But as we grew, there were also uncertainties. Having greater overheads and an unpredictable sales pipeline also meant that there were times where cashflow was a big issue.

“No matter how big or successful you are and even with great people in your team, cashflow issues can easily dismantle all that success. Thankfully, after 10 years in the business, we have grown regionally to a size that we are happy with and more important, being able to call the business a success.”

What are your proudest achievements?

“That we can finally call ourselves an international business. With offices in Singapore, Sri Lanka and soon Thailand, this shows that we are able to be successful regionally as well as domestically.

“We are equally proud of the people we were able to retain and remain as part of our proud family within the company. Truly without them, we will be nowhere.”

What lies ahead?

“We are in the midst of setting up our operations in Thailand. This would definitely be a different challenge altogether as language is something we have to find a way to get by with. However, this is truly exciting as we add one more country to our growing list of operations.

“We will also be performing the final hurdle of the brand merger with Infront Consulting Group to take the brand to a global level with offices in Canada, USA and Europe.”

More about Raymond Chou and his team at www.redynamics.com


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