59 seconds with… Doreen Wan

Doreen Wan

Doreen Wan
Director & Senior Consultant
X-Nine Communication

In between baking, cooking and cleaning up after a college-going daughter, Wan zips around town striving to add more customers to her 8-year-old marketing communication business.

What inspired you to start X-Nine Communication?

“Working in the corporate world was taking a toll on the quality time I had with my family and especially my then, young daughter whose school grades were going downhill.

“Being home-based, X-Nine is a company comprising a group of professionals with young families; giving them the opportunity to earn a stable income whilst having quality time with their own family.”

What are the services offered?

“We offer a full-service marketing communications, focusing on customised strategic public relations campaigns that create excitement among consumers, buyers, the media and the business communities.

“Our strategy is to listen and understand the needs of our clients; customising with the most appropriate solutions of public relations and advertising campaign. We also provide consultation services on effective advertising and promotions programmes as well as in organising and managing corporate event.”

What have been your biggest challenges?

“Getting people to understand the quality of work is not compromised even though we are home-based.”

What are you most proud of since becoming your own boss?

“Building good working relations with international based clients ranging from hotel and F&B based industries to property developers and suppliers of heavy machinery.”

What is in store for 2014?

“Looking forward to another successful year with new clients, interesting products, overcoming challenges and building lasting friendships.”


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