Tapping for biz success is OK

The mere mention of its name will bring noticeable affection amongst its ardent admirers all across the country. Recognised for its varied collection of fabric and silk, its flagship store nearby Jalan Masjid India is the often referred landmark for surrounding businesses and local attractions.

jakelA household name today with 19 branches all over Malaysia, Jakel’s growth is an inspiring tale of Malaysian success story.

While I have personally yet to experience its products, what I have witnessed of its remarkable physical expansion to its business premises over the years within the Jalan Masjid India vicinity is enough to convince me of its accomplishments.

Watching it grow rapidly from a nondescript shop into an expanded store comprising several units of shoplots several years back, and subsequently to an entire block of 6-storey retail space that it resides on today, there wasn’t any doubt that this was a company that was doing something right.

Reported to have purchased the entire CapSquare shopping mall located nearby, its current CEO has successfully continued the work that his late father had started.

To me however, the real success of this organisation is in its ongoing efforts to spur the development of more Malaysian entrepreneurs within our own backyard. Tasked with the role as a “mentor” to budding local entrepreneurs, particularly those keen on contributing to the textile industry, Datuk Mohamed Faroz Mohamed Jakel’s passion to guide local entrepreneurship talent is an example which more Malaysian CEOs should follow.

At a recent youth entrepreneurship conference, several notable young business minds had openly expressed the lack of genuine business mentors in the country to guide them through the ordeals of starting, and most important of all, sustaining their business ideas.

With increased domestic and global competition as well as heightened customer expectations, today’s emerging entrepreneurs do not need to endure the often embraced “trial and error” way of the past to build their businesses.

Instead, tapping the knowledge and experiences of proven business mentors and industry leaders would be a more effective and less time consuming approach. In this case, “tapping” is not necessary a dirty word.


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