Business side of Christmas

In just two weeks’ time, the holiday season will engulf us; retailers will blitz us with seductive sales promotions, at the same time as food and beverage providers will be frantically impelling their chefs to cook up sinful gastronomic delights throughout the festive period.

xmasAt a recent business award function, a minister has oddly conveyed his Christmas greetings to everyone in his speech, almost two months before the holidays! After inadvertently revealing his probable extended year-end holiday plans, the minister then commended on the country’s improved ranking as the world’s sixth best in World Bank’s Ease of Doing Business Report 2014.

Being the sixth best amongst 189 economies is no easy feat. Some say it is due to the leaders’ stewardship. Some believe that it is the result of the nation’s transformation programme leading to the increased appreciation for entrepreneurship in Malaysia.

Of course though, those on the other side of the fence would dispute both of these assertions, instead claiming that the report was merely an over-hyped publicity stunt to persuade the public

What was intriguing of this report’s findings was that this ranks us higher than other more advanced nations including Norway, United Kingdom and South Korea – Asia’s fourth largest economy and home to some of the leading global brands such as Samsung, Hyundai and LG.

These are the same brands that will pop up in front of our faces in the coming weeks ahead as they fight for their apportionment of the anticipated increase in consumer spending during the holiday season. Our readers will have an endless array of choices to ponder over; from trendy handbags to iconic timepieces, and elaborate digital cameras to sophisticated tea sets.

Yet, it is more than just about filling up the space under the Christmas tree. The holiday period presents the opportune time to be with family and friends either at a revitalising holiday resort, a scrumptious dining outing or to revel in a magical cinematic experience.

Hence, to you, your family and friends, if it is good enough for an accomplished minister, it should be good enough for an unassuming wordsmith like me to wish everyone: “Merry Christmas.” 


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