Welcome the new but repay the old

As we head into the last two months of the year, we inevitably find ourselves besieged with an endless array of new stuffs and contemplating over previously irrelevant needs. Everywhere we turn, brands are rushing out new variants while service providers are offering year-end festive promotions.

Suddenly, our mobile phones look obsolete, our cameras feel sluggish and our cars an embarrassment to the neighbourhood.

Consumers are not the only ones sucked into this treacherous spending. In light of the approaching seasonal holidays and merry-making period, businesses are also tinkering with ways to rejuvenate themselves including undertaking company trips, signing employees up for corporate training and even freshening up through redecorating or relocating to new office premises.

Loyal staffWhile it is good to welcome new things into our lives, it is also necessary to take time to reflect on the “old” things past; amusing moments captured on the nowhere-near 16.3MP camera, grievances shared on the outmoded mobile phone, destinations reached in the non-hybrid car, business successes from the claustrophobic office and contributions from all staffs, new and old.

An old business acquaintance when met at a recent SME conference expressed her dissatisfaction over the mistreatment by her employer, whose company is rapidly becoming a prominent player in the information technology industry.

“When they hired new sales staffs to cater for our expansion, we – the pioneer members – were quickly shoved aside. Previously while we were the ones being treated to lunches and holiday trips when we hit our targets, it was now the new staffs that were taken care of,” she said.

The anguished mother of two toddlers who has been with the company for nearly a decade added that while pioneer staffs were given paltry year-end bonuses, new members were instead presented with three-month bonuses.

“He even took back the golf set he gave to me previously for my sales achievements and handed it over to one of the newer staff,” she stated.      

Ironically, at the same conference, one of the speakers revealed that his success was owing to the commitment and loyalty of his staffs, many of whom have been with him since the start of the journey 20 years ago.    

While they have expanded their operations, hired new employees, opened new branch offices and moved into a bigger business premise, the speaker revealed that he would always give preference to those who helped him build his company. 

“The building is just a shell. The company is just a business process. It is the people that are the most important part of our growth and successes,” the award-winning entrepreneur firmly declared.


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