Give fish, or teach man to fish?

It is great to hear that our government is helping to push our Bumiputra friends up the economic ladder, even though some clearly hate heights.

It is good that our leader has listened to the grouses of the Bumis to keep pace with the tough employment and economic environment, even though some prefer to work in toll booths rather than slog it out in more rewarding construction jobs.

fishIt is to be applauded that the Bumiputra Economic Enforcement Plan include setting up a Bumiputra Economic Empowerment Council, creation of another Bumiputera entrepreneurship fund, injection of 10 billion units of Amanah Saham Bumiputera 2, demand of GLCs and GLICs to increase Bumi property ownership, and increase in Bumiputra Vendor Development Programs.

Even though 55 years on after all these programs’ predecessors were introduced in some form or another, some still think they are not being given “fair” treatment.

In his “RM31 billion” speech, the PM said: “… if the majority Bumiputra group is not looked after or felt themselves threatened and sidelined, the country may not achieve peace, stability, and we may not achieve our dream of becoming a developed nation.”

Does this mean that it’s OK for the minority Non-Bumis to be threatened and to be sidelined? And if this is true, Malaysia can still achieve peace, stability and developed nation status?

He pointed out that the monthly income gap of the Chinese compared to bumiputras was at a ratio of 1.43 to 1. Thus, why he needs to balance up everything.

Well, Christiano Ronaldo earns more than 10 times more than many of his dressing room mates, does that means the rest of the squad will also be endorsing hair cream and flashy cars very soon? Or that they too will be earning BP12.5 million per annum?

With all honesty, I am wholly for any initiatives that would help anyone or communities in our country. It is great that my Bumi friends will be having more year-end payouts, my Bumi neighbours will be driving flashier cars, and my Bumi nasi lemak vendor can expand his stall.

But, I’m merely trying to figure out if non-Bumis in this country are exempted from paying ever-increasing TNB bills, or that they pay cheaper prices for food and drinks?

If not, how else can you explain why there is the missing Amanah Saham non-Bumiputra fund; where is the non-Bumiputra Economic Empowerment Council located; who will be hiring non-Bumi directors after they are forced to vacate their current jobs at GLCs and GLICs?


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