Bad business means good business

I always felt that I was destined to be an entrepreneur someday. Now, finally some smart individuals from Arizona State University and the National University of Singapore have vindicated my belief.

Their recent research, which showed that “entrepreneurs were more likely to cause trouble as teens”, noted the connection between anti-social behaviour and successful entrepreneurship later on in life.

Bad behaviourThey found that breaking moderate rules such as playing truant, ignoring parents’ rules, cheating and shoplifting minor items were some of the common traits previously “accomplished” by entrepreneurs surveyed.

Since I have done all of those, and more, in my younger days, I feel truly relieved now that my life is factually headed somewhere. And to further prove them right, it was not only me.

K.M was the school’s chief “tai-koh”; he skipped classes, led extortion expeditions and stole from the nearby music store. Teachers caned him, cut his hair and suspended him.

Today, he is the owner of an IT accessories trading business and stays in a posh housing estate that comes with golf club membership. His pet dog has an air-conditioned kennel to sleep in.

 “Skinny” never had to purchase a pencil case throughout his primary school life. He crudely loaned from the next table, soundlessly borrowed from the bookstore and occupants at the school library, and stole from me.

Today, he runs a plastic bottle manufacturing business that assures his children no longer need to steal another pencil case throughout their lives.

S.W had two years “complimentary” supply of condoms thanks to 7-Eleven, crashed his parent’s car before he was licensed to drive one, and spent a weekend in the police lockup for alleged car theft. Today, he is a retailer with a handful of cash-rich shops to his name.

And me; shoplifted a Taylor Dayne cassette (yeah, go figure!), jumped off the Sri Jaya bus two stops away from school to earn some lunch money at the snooker centre and cheated on my Arts exam.

Guess I should start applying for the local Millionaire Club’s membership soon.



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