Smart people do dumb things

She was intelligent enough to have started a profitable business venture. She understood sales enough to have convinced many large conglomerates to support her products.

Her services had substantially brought increased awareness to the target market. She was well-known throughout the industry. But that was yesterday.

Today, her products’ presence has dwindled significantly, to the point of possible extinction particularly with the recent emergence of a better managed and more focused competitor. She is at loggerheads with her pioneer staffs that were ruthlessly swept aside.

Closing down

Her over-eagerness for product diversification resulted in customers not understanding her direction. Her early supporters have left her in droves to the competitor. The mention of her name brings more frowns in the market these days.

Here was another example why “smart people do dumb things”. Smart enough to hit an underserved market with a relevant product, but dumb enough to think that the product needs no improvement.  

Smart enough to publicly speak about the tough journey of entrepreneurship, but dumb enough to spend endlessly and lavishly on expensive personal indulgences.

Smart enough to find her golden goose, but dumb enough to sleep with a vulture who industriously awaits her last breath. At least the goose is smart enough to finally look for other geese to lay its eggs.

Pioneer members who gave sweat and blood to help her buy her dream house were chided for wanting to advance their own career and job scope.

Those that helped her conceptualise and build her products were ignored when they voiced their concerns about the lack of direction and progress. Gifts were even recalled back after their resignations.

Perhaps, in this age of people-centric entrepreneurship, it could be better to be a “dumb person who does smart things”. 


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