Back to the future

In between working on his 5-iron and 3-wood, my driving range mate was pondering over a financial dilemma. Unlike average-Joes like us who are largely concerned over our next house instalment  the escalating price of baby formula, or if we are going to be rewarded with a one or two months bonus… if at all, Dato’ K (not the one who married the singer) was having several sleepless nights worrying about his business’ lack of new products over the last two years.

“Just look to the past, Dato’,” I quipped rather candidly, not expecting him to take the reply seriously.

“Interesting idea. What do you mean, young man?”

I don’t know if it was the “young man” remark that woke up my right-brain or the fact that this seasoned investor was actually half-keen on my untested business analogies. I explained the following thoughts:

Old cell phoneIt is funny that we seem to go back to how things were before. Television sets in the 1980s were like giants. Then we started to go for smaller sets; including those portable ones that my dad so proudly possessive of back then. But now, we are going back to the colossal 70-inch TVs that dwarves our living room.

The once “throw at dog, dog dies” water canister-like mobiles phones was replaced with palm-sized hand phones that often gets lost in the wife’s handbag. But today, it is swiftly replaced with iPads and other tablet-sized communication devices which clearly are much bigger than it was two years back.

I remembered how my grandpa spent two hours every Saturday washing his old lorry-like Toyota back in the 1970s. Until recently, I spent 15 minutes washing my Perodua Kancil. Yesterday it was back to two hours washing our family MPV.

Every Ikea-fan seems to have an old-styled alarm clock on their bedside table these days.

My neighbours’ children are going ga-ga over ballroom dancing.

Boy bands like One Direction and The Wanted are sizzling and driving the teenagers crazy… just when I had already long buried my New Kids on the Block cassettes.

And if you want further proof; check out all the remake versions of old comic superheroes and revitalised antique movie flicks showing at a cinema near you raking in millions even before the popcorns run out!


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